Our jewellery is made of Sarv Antlers (antler from the bull reindeer) from the Sami village of Sarivouma, Upper Soppero, 140 kilometers from Kiruna in Arctic Sweden.


All our jewellery are solitaire pieces designed and handmade by Pia. All precious metal parts are handmade by goldsmiths in Sweden. The Yuno design philosophy is to combine the beauty and brilliance of gemstones with the unique patterns of reindeer antler. We want all carriers of our jewellery to feel that they carry something that is unique and only exist in one copy.


I who founded yuno is named Pia Yu Nordgren and has completed The Gemmological Association of Great Britains, Gem Diamond Diploma and I am currently studying for the Diploma in Gemmology.

My daughter Embla was the catalyst who started the whole idea and the foundation for yunos jewellery and just like her, I too belive in the power and forces of nature. And we hope that the carriers of our jewellery will feel the energy and power found in each piece of jewellery.


If you have specific requests for e.g. ring size and stones, number of stones or mountings, color, variety, etc. we will assist to the extent possible to meet customer requirements.


If you find our jewellery interesting and would like more information or if you are interested in purchasing. Do not hesitate to contact us at any of the information contained on the page contact us.


We look forward to having you as a customer.



All yunos jewellery is copyright protected


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