The story of yuno


Once upon a time there was a little girl whose name was Embla. She lived in a small village called Lannavaara in the far north of Sweden. Embla went to a Sami school even though she herself was not a Sami. At school the children learnt about Sami culture, arts and crafts. 

One day when Embla had crafts at school, she made a beautiful clasp of reindeer antler to hold togehter the shawl to a traditional Sami costume. As she made the clasp she thought how beautifully reindeer antler and gemstones would look together. Embla had also heard how people throughout the ages had loved the beauty of gemstones and that different stones were associated with healing powers that can affect your health and wellbeing. 

Embla was now in a school in the land of the Midnight Sun, where the Northern Lights dance across the sky in a symphony of exploding colours. Which meant she could see with her own eyes how the heavenly canopy was filled with gemstones that sprinkled their brilliant colours across the night time sky. These visions got the thought to soar and the imagination to bloom.

The Sami people and their reindeer have wandered this magnificent landscape since time immemorial. Reindeer are the Sami people’s most important companions. They provide food, clothing, medicine and the raw materials for their beautiful arts and crafts. Reindeer antler has also always been associated with magic powers. Sami shamen could predict the future and help people by drumming on their magic drums using a hammer made of reindeer antler. They then came in contact with the gods and supernatural beings that could cure disease or tell what sacrifice to make, to ensure a successful hunt.

To appease the gods they each autumn sacrificed a magnificent reindeer bull to the highest god in heaven. They also sacrificed reindeer antlers and bones. The bones were buried in the ground and the reindeer antlers was put on the grave togheter with silverleafs and other beautiful decorations. 
With all this whirling inside her head together with her belief in mythological phenomena, Embla went home and asked her mother if you could pair up these two powerful forces of nature, reindeer antler and gemstones, in order to make beautiful jewellery out of them. 


Since Emblas mother had worked a lot with jewellery and gemstones and loves challenges, she took her daughter's question seriously and began designing jewellery as they have now become the outcome yuno.

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